Quick Start Instructions


video sunglasses instructions2


Quick Start Instructions: PC and Mac supported, no driver needed. Also supports 32gb Micro SD Card


A.  Always fully charge before use. Both LED lights will be solid blue.

B.  One button control to record and to stop recording. Grey button located on the outside of the glasses on the left side. Push and hold for 2 seconds to start recording. You will notice that two blue LED lights appear with one blinking. That means you are recording.

C. To stop recording, push and hold same button as in step “A” for 2-3 seconds and both LED lights go out indicating recording has stopped.

D. Plug in the mini USB cord into the USB connection(number 2 position in image above) and the other end into your laptop or computer. Your computer will recognize your new connection just as if you inserted a flash drive into your computer. The driver will automatically install into your computer and the “file” menu should appear. Sometimes you may get a scan message and if you do, go ahead and scan. Afterwards you will be able to open the file if it appears. If not go to your control panel and scroll to the appropriate drive.

E. The video files can be found in the DCIM directory. Click or double to view your recording.

Any problems please see our troubleshooting page here.


How to change the Date Instructions on your Video Sunglasses. Please see image below and use contact form with any questions.